Notary Services

Making Legal Documents Legal

Making Legal Documents Legal

Hire a notary public to witness your legal document signing

Some legal documents require a notary to attest that the signees are who they say they are. Whether you're completing a real estate deal or handling other legal situations, you may need a notary present at the time of signing.

A Plus Signature Services can help. We have licensed notaries available to witness the signing of your legal documents. They can handle the notary process and ensure that your documents are made legal.

To schedule a meeting with a notary, email us today.

If it needs to be notarized, we can notarize it

Our notaries are licensed to notarize any legal document you need. You can come to us for notarization of:


  • Wills
  • Refinancing
  • Property sales
  • Affidavits
  • Business transactions
  • Mandates
  • Reverse Mortgages



Although we cannot put these documents together, we can notarize them! Call today to schedule a visit to our office or set a time for us to come to you for notarization.